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Tips to beat the morning rush with Tracy Simon

Tips to beat the morning rush with Tracy Simon

(NC) Two-time Grey Cup champion Geroy Simon, receiver for the B.C. Lions, knows a thing or two about being busy. When he’s not breaking records for the CFL, Geroy and his wife Tracy are taking care of their two kids – doing the school shuttle run, keeping track of extra-curricular activities and homework, and making nutritious meals.

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Grey Cup, the CFL is teaming up with Nestlé to share ways to deal with life’s everyday meal challenges. Here, Tracy Simon shares her tips on how to handle the busy morning rush.

Start the day off right“The morning meal is especially important for our family,” says Tracy. “Breakfast is usually pretty quick because we’re rushing to get to school, but both Geroy and I make sure our kids have something nourishing to eat because we know they need the energy to get through their day, just like we do.” The Simons say they are fans of drinking Carnation Breakfast Essentials, because it’s convenient and the kids enjoy choosing their favourite flavours.

Occasional treats

“Sometimes it’s nice to give the kids a treat,” says Tracy. “I like to surprise them on occasion with a smaller portion treat that they enjoy and I feel good about.”

A moment to relaxOnce the kids and Geroy are out the door, Tracy says she takes a quick minute for herself. “I enjoy a cup of Nescafe coffee and go over the details for the day. Our lives are busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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