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Brunch Sweet, savoury, & scrumptious!

Brunch Sweet, savoury, & scrumptious!

Are you looking for the perfect brunch menu to serve your special friends? Serve these sweet and savoury recipes to the bunch and treat each to a scrumptious start to their day.

 What better time to celebrate your special friends than at brunch time? Serving them a scrumptious summertime brunch sets them up for an amazing day to follow.

I’ve served a lot of brunches in my time, and I’ve found that serving both sweet and savoury recipes meets everyone’s expectations of a good brunch menu. I also like brunches to feature a little bit of the familiar along with a few new menu surprises.

We all have our favourite pancake or eggs Benny recipes, but I love to offer a twist on them to serve up a fresh take on an old favourite.

Serving dishes family style allows brunch guests to decide just how much of each one they’d like to enjoy. Most of the following recipes can be left out for grazing and don’t need to be served hot.

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