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Energy-boosting tips for families from a CFL pro

Energy-boosting tips for families from a CFL pro

(NC) Vitamins, omega 3s, echinacea, probiotics, herbal remedies, minerals—the list goes on and on. Chances are if you’re not already familiar with all of these natural health products (NHPs), you’re familiar with most of them, as well as a host of others. With Canadians taking a broader approach to maintaining their health, a recent Ipsos-Reid survey shows that more than 70 per cent of Canadians regularly take natural health products as a way to support their healthy lifestyle.

“Natural health retailers have seen a progressive increase in education and purchases among the general public over the last 40 years,” says Helen Sherrard, president of the Canadian Health Food Association, which represents the natural health industry. “Canadians are taking the initiative to educate themselves about natural health options, exploring what’s available to them and ultimately benefiting from the supplements.”

Since Natural Health Products Week is November 12-18, natural health retailers with this specialty across Canada (locations found at will be celebrating with a number of in-store contests and other activities. Many say they will also be making a financial donation to a local charity in their community. This annual initiative shines a spotlight on natural health and organic products to broaden awareness of these options and their benefits.

The Canadian Health Food Association suggests showing support for Natural Health Products Week and your local community charity by dropping in to your favourite retailer in this field and participating in draws for prizes, enjoying a sample taste test, or learning about items you need.

“Natural Health Products Week is a great time to speak to the public at a local level,” says Sherrard. “We hope that all the activities will showcase the very real benefits achieved through natural health and organic items.”

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