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Turn holiday baking into a year-round occasion

Turn holiday baking into a year-round occasion

(NC) Do your kids know how to measure ingredients? Do they know how to crack an egg? Do they know what happens when you combine baking soda and vinegar? These skills and more can be learned by baking together as a family. It is the perfect way to spend quality time with each other and gives kids the opportunity to learn and most importantly –
to have fun.

That’s why the experts at Robin Hood are encouraging Canadian families to set aside just one hour a week to get the family working together on baking delicious treats. Families schedule time for everything else in their life like sports and music lessons, so why not baking? Here’s how to do it:

• Mark it in your calendar: As the holiday season is a busy time, try scheduling an hour to bake on a Saturday
afternoon. Once it becomes part of the weekend routine, you can even work up to a group baking activity and invite your neighbours and their kids to join.

• Get organized: Calendar reminders and grocery lists of the essential ingredients help keep the pantry well
stocked for your weekly baking activity. You can also join the Robin Hood Baking Hour at to receive a monthly baking calendar, tips and easy age-appropriate recipes each week.

• Inspire the family with individual tasks: Once your family is on board, begin by assigning everyone a job – think
chief mixer, cake decorator or recipe photographer. Encourage your kids to take a picture of the delicious result and start their own recipe collection.

• Experiment and get creative: Try something different each week. Test out recipes that blend savoury and sweet –
think bacon with butterscotch cookies or sweet and salty chocolate caramel squares. Or look at recipes that have a twist on the traditional, like red velvet cupcakes baked in ice cream cones.

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