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More Canadians Are Buying Groceries Online

More Canadians Are Buying Groceries Online

The Internet has allowed for a boom in online marketplaces, and the past twenty years have seen a seismic shift in shopping habits. More and more Canadians are buying everything from books and laptops to cars and furniture online, and as the convenience of shopping online and home delivery shape consumers’ lifestyles, a growing number of industries are re-configuring to accommodate these new expectations.

This is true of food as well. New research from Canada Post suggests that when it comes to buying groceries, Canadians are also turning to the Internet to meet their needs. According to Canada Post’s data, a 25% of Canadians either already purchase groceries online, or are seriously considering it — which is one of the reasons the online grocery market is projected to grow to $3.6 billion by next year.

But with so much interest in the convenience and efficiency of online grocery shopping, it is not surprising that consumers are getting hungry for more options, especially when it comes to buying meat.Unlike other groceries, like produce or dry goods, meat spoils very quickly when not properly shipped, and with issues around environmental impact and sustainability increasingly driving purchasing choices, sourcing is also a major concern. A niche has opened up for providers who can provide quality meat delivery in a timely and safe fashion.

Those who want to reduce the amount of time they spend shopping without compromising the quality of the food they buy should try out grocery delivery services that specialize in premium meat delivery. Unlike generic grocery services, companies that specialize in online meat delivery are more likely to be able to provide the best local meat in a way that is tailored to the customers’ needs.

Fresh meat delivery services like Ontario-based truLOCAL offer customers a range of options for purchasing locally raised, sustainable meat, including next-day delivery to homes, office buildings and even cottages. These services are becoming popular with consumers because of the variety of their products (they provide steak delivery, chicken delivery, pork, and MSC-certified wild-caught fish), but also because of their flexibility. Customers can arrange for regularly scheduled deliveries on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, or make a one-off purchase. And because the meat is delivered in coolers, safety is not a concern.

Moreover, because the service is available across the province, it is accessible even those outside of large urban centres, where a greater range of delivery services are active. This means shoppers in smaller cities and towns also have access to high quality meat delivery.

The rise of the supermarket in the 20th century was based on the appeal of one-stop shopping; where people used to shop at a fruit stand, a bakery, and a butcher, they could now get everything in one place. The Internet is the supermarket of the 21st century, and it brings together the bespoke, artisanal spirit of the small shop with the convenience of the supermarket. As online grocery shopping becomes an accepted part of the retail landscape in Canada, innovators who are able to offer high-quality product in ways that are customized to a busy, 21st century lifestyle have a growing advantage.